The Fibreglass Advantage

We build exclusively for the cold chain market and have developed fibreglass panels that are non conductive, non corrosive and resistant to impact and abrasion. Our units are bonded using no mechanical fasteners – resulting in no thermal leaks or bridges.


Our goal at FTE is to introduce our customers to a new and better experience. Our design work pays special attention to small details, functionality, form, ease of use, and most of all durability.
We listen, we learn and we carefully plan. Concepts begin with a careful combination of ideas which stem from our sales team, management group, research and development team, and most importantly – you.


Our vertical integration gives us complete control in every step of the manufacturing process.

From in-house steel fabrication – chassis assembly – hand-crafted fibreglass moulds – part making – FRP panel construction/box assembly to the final detail and finish.

It’s another way we ensure a quality product.

Technique + Tecnology

Before computers, we applied the same technique. The quality and the craftsmanship that goes into creating our units has not changed over the years.

The difference today is that we are able to achieve an even higher level of quality and control. Sophisticated technology pushes for more innovation and in some cases, creates new possibilities.

Quality Components

Selecting quality suppliers and components is an integral part of the FTE process. We carefully choose those that will only compliment the level of craftsmanship that goes into our units. We want our customers to have the best possible experience and these are some of the details we feel is important to consider.

Proud, Dedicated & Loyal Staff.

Over the years, we’ve built on a culture where community is important. Highly skilled, knowledgeable and in-depth are just a few of the characteristics of our team; and their work ethic is second to none. The results lead to FTE’s lineup of world-class cold chain market units.


FTE is committed to achieving the highest standards of environmental performance, preventing pollution and minimising the impact of its operations.

FTE regards environmental compliance as an integral part of its business strategy and is committed to considering the environmental impacts associated with its products throughout their life-cycle. Environmental aspects are identified and corresponding objectives and targets set to reduce the significance of impacts in those areas.

Our aim is that no lasting environmental damage occurs as a result of our activities, and our policies are constantly being implemented.
FTE ensures the protection of its employees, the community at large and the environment.