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Thermal Efficiency

Road transport equipment.

Lead Trailer

10-16 pallet, distribution, double load, meat hanging applications

Semi Trailer

16-28 pallet, distribution, double load, road train, meat hanging applications

Rigid Vans

8-14 pallet, distribution, floor load, meat hanging applications

Thermal Efficiency

FTE has continued to be the market leader in the Australian temperature-controlled road transport environment for more than 45 years.

We are known specifically in the refrigerated sector for our superior thermal efficiency across the entire product range.

FTE provides outstanding performance and builds quality without compromise.


Our unique bonded construction provides fewer thermal bridges allowing outstanding fuel efficiency and a K value that surpasses the Australian Standard. Our body strength, durability and design are continuously assessed to provide the best possible manufacturing for all parts of production.

All FTE trailers and bodies have the capability to perform to minus 30 degrees Celsius* in our standard specification if required.

FTE is proudly an Australian owned, made and operated company.

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FTE Approved

Repair Centres

As well as our team of specialists at FTE Services we also have a network of FTE approved repair partners, spread across Australia. Their offer is the same as ours, guidance and advice and approved work from work instructions from the factory. It may only be minor electrical, a small fibreglass repair or even a first service, our partners will be able to quickly advise a solution to your requirements.

This allows for your vehicle to be repaired in a workshop environment, if required, that is convenient to your location.

Please contact our main repair centre for information and we will identify the nearest or the repair centre to you. Contact Our Repairs Team on 03 8791 7000 or repairs@fte.com.au, or locate your closet repairer on the map provided with contact information.